Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Week Down

I have successfully made it through my first week in Hong Kong!

So many stories to tell and so little time! This is the first chance I’ve had to sit down since work on Friday, and it’s currently 1:30 am Monday morning. Sleeping’s overrated right?!

BUT GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow’s a national HK holiday and we all have the day off from work. We’ll be traveling to Stanley to watch the famous Dragon Boat Races (supposedly one big beach celebration?!), so I might be able to catch a few extra hours of sleep tomorrow before we leave…

Here’s a summary of some of the incredible things I’ve experienced during my first week! (Aside from working of course!) I wish I could give every detail, but after having NO sleep for the past 3 days, my rock of a bed is calling my name…

On Tuesday after work the rest of the Global Fellows came to meet me in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to watch the HK light show! While the rest of the group works on HK Island where we live, I travel underwater every morning to work on Kowloon, the part of HK that's attached to mainland China. Kowloon is so cool! Kind of like the Times Square of HK. And I get to explore the area everyday during my lunch break!! How lucky am I?!

The show was a little touristy...but we had to do it. For those of you who enjoy colored laser beams shooting out of giant skyscrapers to the beat of Chinese techno music, this is your show. Of course, I loved it!

The view of HK Island during the light show!
 Wednesday night we went into Wan Chai to experience our first Ladies' Night. We had a blast dancing to the music and making new friends!

Making friends in Wan Chai....
On Thursday my coworkers took me to lunch at a Japanese restaurant. My first sushi experience in Asia! First let me say that my sushi background stems mostly from Zip Fusion and Octopus... (2 SC favorites!) You know, those yummy shrimp tempura rolls and fancy garlic edamame? Maybe a sake bomb thrown in here and there?! I was not properly prepared for authentic Japanese...

Our appetizer....yes those are eyes!!

 On Thursday night the group went to Central for a traditional Shanghai dinner. We met Claire's adorable co-workers, who ordered for us and helped explain each dish. They were so cute and sweet and wanted to know everything we could tell them about America!  One of the girls told me that I looked like I came straight out of Gossip Girl!! (A favorite shows in HK, even though they're a season behind the US) I am now friends with all of them on facebook. :)

Our beautiful table!

Blair Waldorf and her two minions...
Hehe I wish!! Such a sweet compliment none the less.

Shanghai tea. That's a full flower inside! I kept accidentally swallowing little leaves with each sip...

These were so cute! :)
 After dinner, two of Claire's coworkers decided to come out with us!! It was Ladies' Night in LKF...and once again, the city didn't disappoint.

All the girls at Club 97!
I finally got to see Geoff!!

 On Saturday we took the MTR into Soho, an area in Central. Soho is home to the world's longest escalator. Who knew?! I insisted on riding the entire thing, even though it took us high up into the hills...and then we had to walk ALL the way down...on stairs. Oops! We spent the day shopping and exploring through all the little shops and markets. Soho is so cute! I can't wait to go back at nighttime.

About to get on the escalator!

Street view in Soho.

My first egg tart!! A traditional HK treat...

It was DELICIOUS! The inside was actually eggy!! I don't know why I was so surprised...

And our latest adventure just happened today when we took a ferry over to Lamma Island!! (Sadly, this has nothing to do with actual llamas. I asked, which did nothing but lead to an hour long discussion about llamas at work. Not one of my coworkers had ever heard of a llama. NOT ONE! I happily took a break from my Exel work to show them pictures.)

We spent the day hiking and enjoying the beautiful sun (which doesn't appear often in the city). The views were absolutely incredible! We ended the trip with a very authentic and very fresh seafood dinner. I was sooo nervous. Salmon and tuna make up the extent of my seafood experience. But I've been so brave about trying everything HK has to offer!! I wasn't about to let a little seafood scare me...

I tried EVERYTHING. The shrimp, the oysters, the fish balls, the squid, the abalone, you name it! And you know what....I liked it! Dad, you would have been proud.

Coming into Lamma Island!

Welcome to Lamma!

We made it to the top!

The girls enjoying the first viewpoint.

Beautiful Hong Kong!

I actually ate this! Still in shock...

I ate this too!

And this too. What has HK done to me?!

Goodbye Lamma Island!
So that's all for now!! As you can probably guess, I've left out most of the night life....but don't worry those stories are still to come. :)

One week down, seven more to go.

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