Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm Starting to Feel Like a Rockstar...

And here's why.

The nightlife in Hong Kong is crazy. Absolutely INSANE. And I'm having a blast!

Combine the craziness of HK with all the incredible connections provided by the Trojan family and our Global Fellows program, and basically I turn into a celebrity.

Let's start with introductions...

The two main party scenes in Hong Kong can basically be compared to the party scenes in Los Angeles for SC students. Except HK parties are LA parties ON STEROIDS.

Wan Chai is a lot like partying on the row...

Kind of dirty and seedy.

Girls wearing next to nothing on street corners.

Plenty of opportunities to dance on bars.

Bathrooms without toilet paper.

And LOTS of free drinks for girls.

Instead of Campus Cruiser, we take the MTR!
My beautiful roomie and I at our first Wan Chai Ladies' Night!
There's even a Wan Chai 9 Holeee! 901...109...same thing right?

And now for Lan Kwai Fong. Also known as the infamous LKF here in the city, and the main reason I now feel like a rockstar. (I mean lets be real...the row doesn't make anyone feel like a celebrity, and neither does Wan Chai.)

LKF is like the Hollywood of LA, except everything is crammed into 2 main streets, which makes it very convenient for people like me who like to see and do it all!

There are bars and clubs and beautiful skyscraper hotels with bars overlooking the incredible HK skyline.

Like Hollywood, LKF has bouncers and guest lists and exclusive VIP rooms for those who have connections.

There are fancy drinks and crazy dance floors filled with well-dressed people from all over the world.

The main difference? LKF is absolutely packed. And I mean PACKED. I have never seen so many people all jammed into one street like this in my life. But I've now decided that lots of people = lots of fun.

See all those specks behind the taxis? THOSE ARE ALL PEOPLE at the bottom of the first street.
One of our first nights in LKF, we were taken to Club 97 by a fellow Trojan we met in HK! He grew up in the city and knew of all the fun places to go. Without hesitation he bought "Flaming Lamborghinis" for everyone in our group. They were INSANE! You drink immediately after the bartenders light them on fire. Then he casually bought us "chasers" aka Kamikaze shots and led us on to our next stop, which happened to be a very exclusive club that you can't get into without being on the list. Unlike bars and clubs in LA, HK parties until the sun comes up, and I didn't get back to my apartment with Claire and Margaux until 5:00 am! Thanks Trojan family!

My first Flaming Lamborghini!
Our new HK friends!

 On Saturday night, we had another amazing experience when Claire's boss, USC Alum Steven Lee, decided to put together a "cultural experience" for the Global Fellows. This cultural experience consisted of Steven providing us with a private room in an elite bar called Azure situated on top of a beautiful hotel in LKF. We started out the night with 3 very expensive bottles of Dom to toast to the night, but Steven told us we could order anything we liked. He also invited student leaders from HK University to come meet us, and we spent the night talking and dancing and having a wonderful time! I casually met and exchanged business cards with the Editor-in-Chief for Hong Kong's most popular newspaper, who later invited us to join him next week at the club he OWNS in LKF down the street. It was so much fun! And only the beginning, seeing as we once again returned to Kornhill around 5:30 am. When Margaux and I finally went to bed, the sun was shining like it was noon on a summer day! I think I'm going to like living here.
Here's to USC in Hong Kong! And Steven Lee of course...

The incredible view from the balcony in Azure. It was so beautiful!
 So now you know why I'm starting to feel like a rockstar. It could become a problem when I have to return to my normal status back at home. But for now, I must say I'm perfectly content. I love HK!

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